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Manu Ginobili retired and was promptly offered a job with. . . Terminix?

August 29, 2018

Thearon W. Henderson

Less than 24 hours after Manu Ginobili announced his retirement from the NBA, he received an official job offer. But it didn't come from the San Antonio Spurs to work in their front office, or from another team hoping to convince the 41-year-old to play one more season, or even from a TV or radio network. Instead, Terminix (Yes, that Terminix) jumped at the chance to finally try to hire the Argentinian legend.

Apparently, the pest control company had been waiting nearly a decade to make Ginobili an offer. You see, in addition to being a two-time NBA All-Star (By the way, that's criminal he only made the West squad twice), Manu was a one-time bat-removal artist. Here's a look back at a 2009 game between the Spurs and the Sacramento Kings in which Ginobili bravely/stupidly morphed into Dwight Schrute to take care of a bat that had gotten into the AT&T Center:

Ginobili's heroics(?) allowed the game to play on without a lengthy delay (Although, he had to be tested for rabies after). They also caught the attention of Terminix, which referenced the "timing and calmness" Ginobili "displayed in that moment" in their offer letter to him on Tuesday. Check it out:


On the plus side, Ginobli's potential new gig as a bat removal specialist wouldn't require him to relocate, would only be part-time, and would probably involve a more laid-back boss than Gregg Popovich. We're not sure how long Manu has to accept the offer, but we're guessing Terminix is pretty flexible.