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Man pays off wild tattoo bet from high school after buddy earns PGA Tour card

August 15, 2022

First off, congrats to Tyson Alexander on earning his PGA Tour card for next season. This became official on Sunday—as well as the rest of "THE 25"—at the conclusion of the Korn Ferry Tour's regular season, but in reality, Alexander wrapped up his spot with a T-4 at the Wichita Open back in June.

It's been a long journey to this point for the 34-year-old who turned pro a dozen years ago, so obviously, he was pretty excited. But a high school buddy may have been even happier about it—even though he had to get a tattoo to commemorate the occasion.

Apparently, one of Tyson's buddies made a bet that he'd get a tattoo honoring the golfer if he ever made it to the PGA Tour. And even though it took at least 16 years, the dude paid up. Have a look:

Talk about being a man of your word. And he went the extra mile getting the golf ball tattooed on there as well. That guy might be the friend of the year decade millenium.

No word on what Alexander wagered, but the good news is he'll never have to pay up. Oh, and the better news is that he has a PGA Tour card now—and he still has one of the most diehard fans on the planet.