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Ludvig Aberg earns PGA Tour card, promptly goes exactly where you'd expect a college senior to celebrate

May 31, 2023

After dominating the college golf scene for the past couple years, Ludvig Aberg is graduating with a great gig already lined up. The Texas Tech senior (easily) finished first in the final PGA Tour University standings to earn a tour card for the rest of this year and next. And the only two-time Ben Hogan Award winner besides Jon Rahm (Yeah, this guy is a total stud) promptly celebrated by going to exactly where you'd expect a college senior to celebrate: Chipotle.

The PGA Tour shared a photo on Tuesday of Aberg, originally from Sweden, beaming at the fast-food joint while holding his new shiny card:

Good for you, Ludvig. And now that you've got some money coming your way, maybe take a play out of Viktor Hovland's book and start treating yourself to double meat and guac. You know, really go crazy. (By the way, what's up with Scandinavian golfers having a Chipotle obsession? Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

Anyway, Ludvig's next goal should be to earn a different type of card, the Chipotle Gold Card (Yes, it's a real thing), which Hovland was angling for when he played with the company's CEO at Pebble Beach earlier this year. Dream big, young man. And remember what Tiger Woods used to say: "Winning takes care of everything." Even reasonably priced dinners on the road.