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LSU bride creatively ruins Alabama groom's cake, further proving that SEC fans are the best

SEC fans are a special breed, a fact we've provided endless evidence of on this here dadgum site. Whether it's a bride altering her LSU-loving husband groom's cake of his dreams, a Georgia fan acting as a human alarm clock in his neighborhood or a Mississippi State baseball fan duping a news channel, it's clear these people are just better at sports-fanning than the rest of us. Now, we can add this LSU bride to that list.

In a viral video tweeted by Louisiana news channel WAFB, a groom is seen cutting his Alabama Crimson Tide-themed cake, and talking some nice smack in the process. As he should be, because his Tide have not only won 20 national championships in the last 10 years (give or take), but they've also steamrolled LSU to the tune of seven straight wins, making a once proud rivalry embarrassingly lopsided in less than a decade. So, as an LSU fan, you've got to take your victories wherever and however you can get them. For this bride, that meant creatively ruining her husband's cake with this A+ troll job. Wait 'til the end to see what we mean:

While Auburn is by far Alabama's biggest rival, LSU is a very close second, and judging by the groom's reaction, LSU's color scheme might be more hateable than Auburn's. For a member of the Tide faithful, I'd imagine seeing the purple and yellow is stomach-churning, beacuse even for an unbiased observer that's quite an ugly inside to a cake. Well played by the bride, who were sure will do just fine in this marriage if she's got more tricks like this up her sleeve.