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Georgia fan acts as human alarm clock for Auburn neighbor at 8 am on Sunday morning

December 04, 2017

Ask any football fan south of the Mason-Dixon, and they’ll tell you SEC football is THE football. It ain’t about where you're from, it’s who you go for, and this man—America’s leading Heisman Neighbor candidate—is the proof in that ground-n'-pound puddin’. A mere 12 hours after Georgia tanned Auburn 28-7 in the SEC Championship game, effectively punching its ticket to the CFP, Johnny Bulldog here was up with the fog, drawling his pajama-clad taunts right into the bedroom of his Auburn neighbor at 8 freakin’ AM on the Sabbath.

By lunch, the Dawgs were in the playoff and the Tigers were bound for the Peach Bowl, set to do battle again next year just as they will every year from now until the sun burns out. Alongside them will be these two idiots, waging neighborly war eternal until the day a generator-rattling Christmas light contest sends the whole block up in a mushroom cloud and Tim Allen and Will Ferrell sign on to play the antagonists in the inevitable PG-13 holiday comedy adaptation, An SEC Christmas.