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Mississippi State baseball fan dupes news channel with phenomenal deadpan delivery of fake story

One of the many knocks on SEC fans is that they're a bunch of tree-poisoning, gator-chomping, Rocky Top-singing, cowbell-ringing, Confederate Flag-waving dumb hicks from the deep south. This is selling these fine folks extremely short, especially the football fans, who are arguably the most knowledgable fans in sports.

Terry Powell, a Mississippi State diehard, proves this theory true, and it's not because of any breakdown of the Bulldogs' spring game in Starkville. Powell, like all rabid SEC fans, has to find ways to pass the time until football season. So when the Mississippi State baseball team earned a spot in the final eight of the College World Series Powell was headed to Omaha. While he'd love to see the Bulldogs win, baseball is not nearly as serious business as pigskin, which is why Powell let his guard down and worked on his comedy act prior to an interview with a local news channel. Here's his phenomenal deadpan delivery of a fake story about the sacrifices Powell made to be in Omaha that's currently going viral:

This is next-level comedic genius. So next-level that people on Twitter (not the sharpest tools in the shed) actually believe Terry is being genuine. Listen, they do things differently down South, but if you really think Terry's wife's boyfriend sold his prosthetic leg to help buy Terry a ticket to the College World Series you need to get your head examined. As for the news channel that ran this, I'm hoping they knew this would go viral and ran with it.

Either way, Terry Powell just became the latest legendary SEC fan to grace the internet, though he may never top fellow MSU fan Stingray Steve.