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Bride buys LSU-loving husband groom's cake of his dreams -- except for one subtle dagger

June 25, 2018

Groom's cakes are awesome. I can still remember the chocolate, golf-themed one my wife got me. I'd give my right pinky toe for a slice of that right now. . . Anyway, one LSU-loving groom recently got exactly the cake that he wanted from his wife -- except for one subtle dagger on the mini scoreboard. Check it out:

Brilliant. Although, with LSU having won the past seven meetings on the gridiron between these two programs, Texas A&M winning -- let alone by two touchdowns -- was a bit of a stretch. Here's how the wife explained her decision to troll her husband on the biggest day of their lives:

Hey, be careful what you wish for -- especially around a wife who went to a rival school.