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Andre Iguodala is a fan of Luka Doncic's mom, let's everyone know during NBA Draft

June 22, 2018

When the schedule comes out for the 2018-19 NBA season, Dallas vs. Golden State is going to be an unexpected game you might want to circle. That's because as soon as the Mavericks landed Luka Doncic in Thursday's NBA Draft, Warriors star Andre Iguodala made it known that he's a fan of the 19-year-old. A fan of his mom, that is.

Moments after Doncic was taken with the third pick (his rights were dealt to Dallas by Atlanta for Trae Young and a future 1st-round pick), Iguodala hit send on this not-so-subtle tweet:

This is especially funny to us because Iguodala's previous tweet was "Did DJ just hit a draw??" Iggy is a big golf guy. Love it.

But back to the tweet in question, to be fair, Iguodala was merely saying what a lot of people watching were as well (And it's not like he tweeted "Luka's mom has got it going on" with music note emojis). When you Google "Luka Doncic," "Luka Doncic mom" is the third suggested search. Another quick search led us to Luka's mom's Instagram handle (Hey, we needed to get to the bottom of this, OK?), and she already has more than 16,000 followers. For some reason. . .

You get the point. Still, young Luka will be playing with a little extra motivation when he gets his first crack at the defending champs -- well, one of them, at least.