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Luka Doncic wants to date Jennifer Aniston, buy a tiger, dunk on Kristaps Porzingis, own your heart

June 20, 2018
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The NBA Draft is on Thursday, that magical night when we make sweeping career pronouncements on players we barely watched in college. While the draft's unpredictability makes it an entertaining watch, there are a few certainties: fashion faux pas, John Calipari taking credit for guys who were in his program for all of 16 weeks, and the Sacramento Kings messing up their draft pick.

In theory, the Kings shouldn't screw the pooch this week. Luka Doncic is widely considered the best player in the draft, but because the state of Arizona needs restitution for the money he was paid for the Wildcats of personnel makeup, the Phoenix Suns will likely select Deandre Ayton with the No. 1 pick. Meaning Doncic should go to the Kings.

Which would be a steal. Doncic just lead his Real Madrid team to the Spanish League title on Tuesday night, and won MVP honors as a 19-year-old at the EuroLeague Finals last month. He's a 6'8" point guard with unbelievable court vision and the long-range shooting that's so imperative in today's game. Plus, he's already a marketing genius, evidenced by this interview with Bleacher Report's Howard Beck.

In talking with the veteran scribe, Doncic listed his goals for his first five years in the association, which Jennifer Aniston?

"I hear she's single now. I mean, she's nice. I just like her," Doncic says, with a sheepish smile.

There's a good chance Doncic's Ljubljana is just now airing "Friends," so Doncic might be a bit taken back on the havoc caused by Father Time. But Aniston is not his only goal in sight, as the playmaker wants to own a tiger (big Mike Tyson fan, apparently) and a Porsche 911, while making time to throw down a dunk on Kristopis Porzingis.

"I want to be King of New York," he says.

This is a franchise's dream. The Kings can't possibly screw this up, right?

How they haven't been relocated to Seattle remains a mystery.