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LIV announces teammates will play together for first time, Golf Twitter responds with Patrick Reed jokes

April 19, 2023

LIV Golf has pushed a team aspect since its inception last summer, ending its inaugural 2022 season with a lucrative team championship and kicking off Year 2 with a team-picking exercise that certainly entertained our staff. But whether you're a fan of the 4 Aces or RangeGoats (condolences on the slow start), there hasn't been an opportunity to see your guys actually playing together. Until now.

LIV announced on Wednesday that this week's event in Adelaide will feature threesomes of teammates playing together. The first four groups consist of the 12 team captains, but the rest will be made up of three players on the same squad.

This is an interesting wrinkle no doubt, especially because things could get, well, interesting should a rules situation pop up. And not surprisingly, Golf Twitter responded with jokes about Patrick Reed. Lots of jokes about Patrick Reed.

Let's just say the 4 Aces member has a history on the PGA Tour when it comes to rules disputes. And that's all we're going to say because we'd like to avoid any of his lawsuits. But Team Reed might want to go after some of Golf Twitter following its response to the news he'll tee it up with 4 Aces teammates Pat Perez and Peter Uihlein:

Ouch. Again, to be clear, these are not OUR jokes. Patrick probably won't see them, but you know Justine will. Um, we mean @useGolfFACTS will …

Seriously, though, these guys are pros. It's not going to be like that group of "18 handicaps" at your club scramble that always manages to "shoot" 54. Although, you do have to wonder about caddies sharing info (or maybe that's allowed on the wild, wild LIV!) and whether someone will actually call out a teammate for a bad drop.

If you actually care about watching your team, though, it will be cool to watch them actually play as a team. But it might be will be even cooler to watch what happens in the grillroom after a round if there actually is some sort of rules dispute.