Closing In

Did Justine Reed just confirm herself as infamous @useGolfFACTS Twitter admin?

No sport on earth does worst-kept secrets quite like golf. The NBA gives it a run for its money and God only knows what happens in professional curling, but nothing breeds whispers, rumor and hearsay quite like a sport where you literally have to whisper. Of all of golf’s unspoken certainties, however, none has been more obvious (or hilarious) in recent years than the identity of the infamous @useGolfFACTS Twitter admin.

Our big brothers at Golf Digest have dug deep into the suspiciously pro-Patrick Reed Twitter account in the past, and while no official conclusions were reached (Pat doesn’t need another lawsuit on his hands, let’s be honest), the overwhelming consensus is that the mastermind behind @useGolfFACTS is none other than Reed's wife Justine.

This has been neither confirmed nor denied by the Reeds, but in the wee hours of Monday morning we got the closest thing to an admission yet when a joke about Justine’s, um, specific taste in sporting-event seating prompted this instantly iconic reply:

This isn’t exactly Paul Bremer saying “Ladies and gentlemen, we got him.” It’s not the FBI finding Whitey Bulger kickin’ it in Santa Monica, but in the weird, wild, insular world of Golf Twitter, it's pretty darn close.

The tweet by No Laying Up’s Tron Carter specifically references Justine Reed’s outburst following a 2018 Boston Red Sox game, in which she characterized their premium baseline seats as the “line-drive section” and slammed the PGA Tour for providing the tickets (for the record, all 30 MLB teams instituted netting in 2018). With Patrick Reed seen taking in an Australian rules football game ahead of LIV Golf’s Adelaide stop this week, the waters were ripe for fishing and @useGolfFACTS—either unthinkingly or simply because they do not care anymore—gobbled up the bait.

Perhaps this won’t be the end of the saga. Part of us even hopes it’s not, if only for the laughs. But if this is truly the pulling of the curtain—the 'Wizard of Oz'-ian reveal we have long pined for—then there’s nothing to say but congratulations. In today’s day and age, where everyone knows everything about everybody in three clicks and a swipe, Justine—or whoever—had a hell of a run.