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Apparently Patrick Reed wasn't too happy with the PGA Tour or Boston Red Sox for his Fenway Park seats

August 30, 2018

Winning the green jacket bestows a treasure chest of privileges. Front-row seats at Fenway Park ain't one of them.

Patrick Reed, in Boston for this week's Dell Technologies Championship, took his family to Monday night's Red Sox—Marlins game, where fellow pro Justin Thomas happened to be throwing the first pitch. Unfortunately for the newly-crowned Masters champ, the free seats to one of baseball's most venerable parks was not to his liking.

Few pieces to dissemble from this trainwreck of a Tweet:

-- I grew up a baseball fan, and covered the sport for six years. In that time, I've never heard anyone refer to any part of a stadium, anywhere, as the "line drive section." There's a good chance Patrick Reed does not know how baseball works.

-- Conversely, if Mookie Betts is in the house, every section is the line drive section.

-- The comments, on Twitter and Instagram, are straight fire. And not suitable for print.

-- As many people have pointed out, you can't just "upgrade" your seats once you're in the ballpark. (Of course, maybe you can if you're the Masters champ.)

-- Noted by his wife's Ryder Cup ensemble, Reed really takes this "Captain America" thing to heart.

There are other layers to peel back, but for the moment, Webster's definition has a new definition for "First-world problems." Luckily for Reed, New England fans tend to be well-behaved, forgiving and reserved. Sure he won't hear about this incident at all come tournament time.