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LIV golfer apologizes for drunken tweet that led to Eddie Pepperell ‘haymaker’ response

April 24, 2023

Mark Brake

We’ve all made a drunken mistake or two, but when you've had a few too many it's best to stay away from Twitter so it’s not captured for the rest of eternity.

Just ask LIV Golf pro Richard Bland, who made a similar blunder this weekend in a thread about Chase Koepka’s beer-soaked hole-in-one at the Party Hole at The Grange Golf Club in Australia. The back-and-forth began with Eddie Pepperell replying to a tweet from a podcast host on whether or not LIV Golf is really “changing” anything with its stadium-like par-3 12th hole at the LIV Golf Adelaide event.

As you can see, it’s a pretty innocuous tweet, in which Pepperell alludes to the WM Phoenix Open at TPC Scottsdale and the party atmosphere one can find there as well.

This is where things get a bit heated as Bland decided to weigh in. He didn’t just ask where there are holes like this on the DP World Tour but got a dig in as well. Never a good move when inebriated.

The “15 minutes on tour” attack seemingly came out of nowhere from Bland, and Pepperell pounced on it like a puma stalking its prey. “In my 15 minutes I won more events than you did in 22 years” pretty much says it all.

Luckily, it seems like everything’s on the up and up as Bland apologized for the drunken comment, and Pepperell looks to have let the spat end in a relatively friendly fashion.

The lessons here are simple. 1. Don’t tweet while under the influence. 2. Don’t challenge Eddie Pepperell. If you follow both of those directions, you’ll be just fine.