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Little Big Ben and mini Antonio Brown strike fear into the AFC North with game of catch

Ever wondered what a Ravens fan's worst nightmare looks like? Two six-year-old boys playing an adorable game of catch with their Steelers training camp. Enter Little Big Ben and Mini Antonio Brown, who brought this dark AFC North reality to vivid and horrifying life on Sunday with an otherwise a pretty innocent go-route. Browns and Bengals fans, you may also want to look away:

What see you before you is another decade of Steelers dominance waiting to be unleashed. At recess, in practice, on the field. From Pop Warner to high school to college to, well, you know. For 75% of AFC North fans, this is Groundhog's Day if Bill Murray got beat up and had his lunch money stolen every single morning until sweet, sweet release. This is the light at the end of the tunnel getting snuffed out mere yards from the exit. One day Big Ben was going to be too beat up to go on. One day Antonio Brown was going to get old and slow. But then they went and procreated, and now there is no dawn. Now the nightmare will last forever.

Or so goes the logic of a football fan, especially the bedraggled AFC North varietal, who are already dreading Kickoff 2030, when Lil' Ben and the Sustainably Produced Steel Curtain will take on London Browns FC at Vladimir Putin Memorial Stadium in Pittsburgh.