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Ben Roethlisberger's new audible call is music to one beer company's ears

November 17, 2017

Justin K. Aller

Apparently, there's a reason you should watch the fourth quarter of a lopsided NFL Thursday night game other than keeping tabs on your fantasy football team: You never know when you'll hear an entertaining audible call.

Ben Roethlisberger provided fans just that on an otherwise non-descript running play with about 10 minutes left in the Steelers' 40-17 route of the Titans. Right before the ball was snapped, the star quarterback yelled, "Dilly dilly!" and fans everywhere took note.

Before this, Peyton Manning's "Omaha!" was the most recognized QB phrase, but Big Ben could threaten that with "Dilly dilly!" What's "Dilly dilly!"? If you're asking that question, it's possible you haven't watched live TV in awhile. The viral catchphrase comes from a Bud Light commercial released a few months ago. And now it's showing up everywhere.

Bud Light was quick to react as well:

And why not? If you're Bud Light, you couldn't ask for better free advertising. Well, unless Roethlisberger starts saying it during the first quarter.