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Gronkball is the only gift you need this Gronksmas

November 14, 2017

Still searching for that perfect gift this holiday season? Are all the NERF assault rifles, Super Nintendos-for-ants, and Turbo Mans already sold out? Don’t worry, rapidly spiraling parent and/or guardian. Pro Bowl tight end and All-American partyboi-entrepreneur Rob Gronkowski has just what you need…


A Bluetooth speaker wrapped inside a football wrapped inside a future CTE diagnosis, the GRONKBALL!!! kicks out all the jams while the neighbor kid with asthma kicks the field goals, adding some much-needed Selena Gomez to any tailgate/just-go-the-f—k-outside-and-play-in-the-street scenario. Boasting a 90-foot Bluetooth range, a Deflategate-inspired foam construction, and a variety of light-up lace options, this gleaming pinnacle of grandma gifts will help you become, and we quote, “the MVP of Fun” this holiday season.

The GRONKBALL!!! is available exclusively via Brookstone, where you can also pick-up a Cordless Gronk Shiatsu Massager with Heat for the Missus.