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LeBron James is just a normal sports dad tripping on his son's first in-game dunk attempt

OK, so maybe there's nothing normal about a four-time MVP, three-time champion, and the greatest NBA player of his generation watching his 13-YEAR-OLD son nearly throw down his first-ever in-game dunk. Most dads only get this excited when their kid gets off the bench and makes a garbage time lay-up in the last game of the season. LeBron James, meanwhile, gets to play proud papa while his kid goes thermo-nuclear on the rim before he's even old enough for a learner's permit. That said, the point—that it's a funny, tender moment between father and son—still stands:

Twice of the size of his victims opponents while driving to the basket on a fast-break with nothing but hatred for the backboard in his eyes, it's not hard to tell where Bronny's DNA comes from, with or without double helix standing the crowd, hands on head, ping-ponging back and forth between shock and pride. Anti-LeBron chuds will inevitably find a way to hate on this, saying he tried to make it all about himself or [insert incoherent Celtics-fan babble here], but it would take a pretty calloused heart not to find this whole thing endearing...even if you're old man was more James Taylor than LeBron James.