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LeBron James recreates vintage dunk against Suns, continues to age like a fine wine

Somehow, even with all of the moves at the trade deadline, the post-All-Star break Cleveland Cavaliers have yet to hit their stride. They've gone 5-6 in the 11 games since, including a game I swore they were going to win by double digits. Yes, I am an idiot, but also, the Cavs have kinda stunk. You could use the fact that they are on a tough West Coast trip right now as an excuse, but if this team is going to make the Finals, they can't be losing to the Lakers and Clippers whether it's in L.A., Cleveland or on the moon.

The lone bright spot during that span has been ... WAIT FOR IT ... LeBron James. Stunning, I know. In the last 11 he's averaged 28.7 points per game, 10.4 rebounds and 9.4 assists. On Tuesday night against the Phoenix Suns, James tallied a career-high 14th triple double of the season, leading the Cavs to a much-needed 129-107 win. The highlight of the night came on one of James' three steals, when he picked off a pass and the Suns parted like the red sea, allowing the King to take flight in vintage fashion:

He took off from outside the dotted line! Will this guy ever lose a step? Clearly not, because when he did this exact same dunk a few years back with the Miami Heat against the exact same team, he actually took off from inside the dotted line. Check it out:

The only thing different in those two dunks is LeBron's jersey and those awful old Suns logos. "You can just say I'm like fine wine; I get better with age. That's what it says," said James after the game. Yep, pretty much.