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LeBron James spends $1.5 million on his body every year, still gets decent ROI

Cleveland Cavaliers v Brooklyn Nets

Nathaniel S. Butler

LeBron James has never missed a playoff game. LeBron James has never been injured for more than two weeks at a time. LeBron James has never sat out more than 15 percent of a season. LeBron James has 43,997 NBA minutes on 33-year-old legs and is still putting up 37/10/8 stat lines while unleashing face-melting dunkage and now we know why...or rather how:

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 1.40.26 PM.png

No, that's not an accounting error nor an actually pretty bulletproof money laundering scheme: According to LeBron's best friend and manager Mav Carter, LeBron spends $1.5 million dollars on his body...EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. So sure, maybe you can deduct the moon boots, iron lung, and horse placenta salad bar, but that is still a metric ton of moola to spend on wellness annually, even for the undisputed Best Athlete on Earth.

Of course, when you spend that much on anything, it can be tough to get your money's worth, but LeBron is pretty damn close to coming out ahead on this one. Hell, just look at his numbers over the last five games alone (all of which the Cavaliers have, not coincidentally, won):

186 minutes

172 points

56 assists

48 rebounds

So yeah, all in all, not a bad ROI for LeBron and his body/temple. And with Steph Curry now sidelined with a sprained MCL and the ankles of a newborn calf, one has to wonder if LBJ is now just an anti-gravity acupuncture session away from a fourth NBA title.