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LeBron James blocked Paul Millsap so hard he broke a video board

August 11, 2020

LeBron James blocks just hit different. They’re a flash grenade—an EMP blast. They’re a mentos truck colliding head on with a Coca-Cola 18-wheeler at 70 miles per hour. He elevates, time slows down, someone from the sidelines lets out a slo-mo “nooooooo,” and then suddenly everything zaps back to full speed as he swats some poor soul’s would-be lay-up off Ganymede. Just ask Andre Igoudala if our cheering from the LeBron James parade float is bothering you.

Or rather, ask the Denver Nuggets' Paul Millsap, who got the full LeBron Block Experience on Monday night. Rising up for an easy lay-in after grabbing his own board, Millsap thought he had all the time in the world before LeBron apparated into the paint like Harry Potter to Diagon Alley and swatted his shot straight back to the Stone Age, striking a video board so hard it broke. THERE'S NO FLATSCREENS IN THE STONE AGE, PAUL. BETTER GET USED TO IT.

The funny thing is, this isn’t even LeBron’s hardest block. In fact, it probably doesn't even crack the top 5, and yet it's still putting NBA bubble maintenance to work this morning. Say what you want about Jordan, but he wasn't short-circuiting advertising boards back in his day. No sir. That said, MJ never needed blocks to crush your soul.