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Damian Lillard is here to chew bubblegum and kick Skip Bayless’ ass, is all out of bubblegum

August 10, 2020

It’s been a longggg time since we've been able to serve up a sizzling fajita skillet of Skip Bayless content. When the coronavirus plunged daytime sports TV into unprecedented levels of irrelevancy, Bayless’ clickbait star folded in upon itself like a blackhole. But slowly, as sports have begun to return, so has Skip’s undeniable glow, burning hotter and hotter until it could be ignored no longer. If sports aren’t officially back until Skip Bayless gets called out by a professional athlete, we are pleased to announce that sports are now officially back.

We now go live to Dame in the Bubble.

Honestly, we can’t fault Lillard for filing a Twitter grievance here. The Portland point guard dropped 51 in a win over the 76ers on Sunday, becoming one of just two NBA players under 6’2” to log double-digit 50 point games (the other a guy by the name of Allen Iverson.) Then he wakes up Monday morning and finds Bayless taking potshots on basic cable. Even Gandhi would clap back.

Lillard’s takedown also confirms what we all already suspected about Bayless: That he’s fake than a set of Kardashian lips. That he kisses athlete’s asses in person and then turns around and bad mouths them on TV. That’s what we in the industry call yellah. Maybe he’s just lost in his own character after however many years playing it on TV. Maybe he’s just a snake. Either way, Lillard’s clown emoji is fully deserved.

That said, Dame can rest easy at night knowing he’s in Shannon’s top 10. Congrats buddy. Welcome to the big time.