This take right here is why they pay Skip Bayless the big bucks

Spend enough time on social media during this pandemic and you'll quickly find out just how dire it has gotten in the sports content world. It's an endless string of "ON THIS DAY" posts for rather mundane occurrences, "Pick 3" challenges and "who is your quarantine house?" conundrums. It's all become quite stale in record time.

In times like these we need someone to bring something fresh to the table. Someone who isn't afraid to really shake things up, to "go there" if you will. That person is, of course, Skip Bayless, one half of FS1's utterly horrendous "Undisputed" show, which has to be hurting in the ratings department right now. How else can you explain Bayless dropping this take from the clouds on a random Tuesday morning ?

Ahh yes, the argument absolutely no one asked for. Jordan vs. LeBron is so last season. 2020 will be all about Favre vs. Rodgers.

For a guy who regularly flirts with the most horrific sports takes imaginable, this isn't all that surprising. But even for ol' Skip this is next-level horrific. He doesn't even have MORE RINGZZZ to fall back on because they each have one. All Favre has on Rodgers is yards and touchdowns, which could be because he's played 121 more games them him (just a hunch). As for INTs, Rodgers has a long way to go to catch him there too, as Favre threw 336 to A-Rod's 84.

Of course, all of that is irrelevant. Skip won this argument simply by pissing everyone off and getting dopes like me to right about it. That's why they pay him the big bucks, folks. Five million-plus per year, to be exact (jumps off roof).