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December 01, 2017

LeBron James sends Taurean Prince into the Stone Age with this vicious block

LeBron James' offensive repertoire is so impressively massive we often forget he's a virtuoso on the other end of the court. (Well, we're sure the Golden State Warriors don't forget.) A six-time NBA All-Defensive pick, James put this prowess on display Thursday night against Atlanta Hawks, sending Taurean Prince and his shot into the Stone Age with this vicious block:

"WHAT DOES A KING ALWAYS DO TO A PRINCE!" might have overtaken "Do you believe in miracles? YES!" as the greatest call in sports history.

Gotta feel for Prince, though. Poor guy is a fledgling player, in his second year in the league, and starting to make a name for himself. After his LeBron run-in, Prince might quit basketball, head to a Himalayan monastery and take up a vow of silence.

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