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Watch future Hall of Famer Larry Fitzgerald get a quick wedge tip from Rory McIlroy at the Dubai Invitational

January 09, 2024

This week, we’ll get our first glimpse of Rory McIlroy’s golf game in 2024. He’s made plenty of headlines already this year, but the Dubai Invitational will be the first time we see McIlroy tee it up this season. Will he be distracted by the now-extended PGA Tour-PIF drama? Will he finally break his major drought? And what about that career grand slam? Questions abound, but on Tuesday in Dubai, legendary Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald only had one query for the North Irishman:

How do you that with your wedge?

Future first-ballot Hall of Famers helping future first-ballot Hall of Famers. You love to see it. We don't know exactly what part of Fitzgerald's wedge game the pair were working on, but the charming interaction is what golf is all about. Larry Fitzgerald is second all-time in NFL receptions and receiving yards, trailing only Jerry Rice. He’s won the Pebble Beach Pro-Am twice. He has nothing to prove to anyone and yet he’s still out there picking McIlroy’s brain, trying to become a decimal point better. That pretty much says it all.

Hopefully the tip helps Fitzgerald’s short game and perhaps even puts those pesky sandbagging rumors to bed once and for all.