In Larry We Trust

Larry David has final say on NFL overtime rules; case closed, debate over, everyone shut up

January 25, 2022

We just witnessed one of the greatest football games ever played. Two quarterbacks at the absolute pinnacle of their sport. A career fantasy flex exploding for four touchdowns. A game-tying kick as regulation expired and a game-winning Travis Kelce touchdown in extra time. And yet, in the wake of Bills-Chiefs, an instant NFL Films classic by each and every metric, all football fans can talk about are the overtime rules. This alone should be proof that NFL OT needs fixing, but if you need further clarity on the matter (or any matter, really), just listen to Larry David.

That was Larry on the 'The Rich Eisen Show' this week. We’re a little surprised that the man who made "That's a shame" one of the most indelible quotes in TV history is crying out for empahty and justice, but in this case, he is absolutely right. The NFL overtime rules are garbage, and even if David wasn’t around to lend an air of agitated gravitas to our grumbling, the numbers themselves tell the story.

There’s been a certain category of Straw Man on Twitter saying “bUfFalo’S 2 mInUTe d-FeNz lOsT tHe gAMe.” That might be true, but it has absolutely no bearing, one way or another, on the competitive integrity of a postseason overtime structure that has seen the coin-flip winner emerge victorious 10 of 11 times. In fact, the only exception are the 2018 New Orleans Saints, who only lost because the were victims of a pass-interference no-call so egregious that it led to a lawsuit. We don’t need Larry David to tell us that it’s not fair, but we’ll say it again for the people in the back: