Bills Mafia

This video of a Bills fan living and dying with every play is an absolute ROLLERCOASTER

When Josh Allen found Gabriel Davis in the end zone for a third time on Sunday evening in Kansas City, it felt ... almost over. When he did it for a FOURTH time, the second time in less than two minutes, leaving Patrick Mahomes just 13 seconds, it felt really over.

At least that's what the casual, non-Bills-or-Chiefs-fan/watcher of the AFC Divisional Round epic was made to believe. Bills fans? They've known pain worse than this, they have four consecutive Super Bowl losses to prove it. But still ... 13 seconds, up by three. It would take a borderline miracle for the Chiefs to go down and tie the game in that amount of time.  

Turns out, Mahomes didn't even need that much time, getting into field goal range in two plays that used up only 10 seconds of the clock, allowing kicker Harrison Butker to come on and kick the game-tying 49-yard field goal. That sent the game into overtime, where Mahomes ended it with another perfect drive that was finished off by a Travis Kelce touchdown catch. 42-36, final. Prayers up for Bills Mafia, who were 13 seconds away from hosting the AFC Championship Game in Orchard Park next Sunday. Instead, they'll be watching Chiefs-Bengals from the couch. 

One would imagine that watching that game as a Bills fan would be the equivalent to having your heart ripped out of your chest and held up in front of your face for good measure. Fortunately for us, we don't have to imagine. A video of a diehard Bills fan living and dying with every play, while simultaneously appearing to get blackout drunk, showed us exactly what it was like. Enjoy this emotional rollercoaster of epic proportions:

Oh yes, that had a little of everything. Positive vibes only for the first 23 seconds, followed by visceral screams at Josh Allen, who he referred to as a "son of a b---h" and a "motherf----r" in the same sentence, followed by some late-game Tito's chugs to numb the inevitable pain, followed by acceptance, grief, denial, etc. A true three-act play that this man deserves some sort of award for. There was no faking for the camera here. Hell, he probably didn't even realized he was being filmed the whole time. What a performance. Keep this guy in your thoughts and prayers today. And possibly the next two days. He appears to be at the age where this hangover, coupled with the pain of the Bills' loss, might last until at least Thursday.