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Kyle Larson's wife shotguns Busch tallboy at NASCAR Awards, becomes instant legend

December 06, 2019
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So you think you can drink? You went to state school. You still party every Friday with the boys. There's not a beer you're too good for and or a shot you're afraid of. Well we have a newsflash for you, Walter Crunkite. You have nothing on Katelyn Larson—wife of NASCAR wheelman Kyle Larson—who stole the hearts of a million red-blood men and women on Thursday night when she shotgunned a Busch heavy tallboy in the middle of the 2019 NASCAR Awards show. Eyes on the road, folks.

And if you thought you couldn't be any more in love, remember, Busch tallboys come with that all-important 25th ounce. Good lord, Katelyn, save some savage for the rest of us.


The stunt was a tip of the ol' aluminum can to Katelyn's performance at the Monster Mile back in October, where she was captured shotgunning a Busch following her husband's victory. Unlike that candid moment, however, Katelyn took this one down on live TV in a cocktail dress, adding a whole new set of variables to the equation.

Making matter even more impressive was Clint Bowyer's allegation that most of the room was still hungover from partying all week in Nashville. That means Katelyn's rapid-fire Busch refuel was very likely a hair-of-the-dog situation and if that doesn't make you feel like pulling the trigger right into your cubicle trash can, then you're stomach is tougher than our's.