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Who has two thumbs and a Korn Ferry Tour card thanks to the most disgusting proverb in history? This guy!

October 28, 2022

There are books and books filled with famous golf quotes that serve as inspiration to today's players. You just won't find this gem in any of them.

First of all, congratulations to Henry Chung for recently making it past the all-important second stage of Q School. By qualifying for the final stage, Chung has guaranteed some form of Korn Ferry Tour status for next year no matter how he plays this week at The Landings Club in Savannah.

But we're guessing this University of San Francisco product will play well again and increase his playing opportunities for 2023 because he's got his mind in a great place right now. That place just happens to be the toilet. Check out "the Korean proverb" Chung says his dad used as motivation to help get him this far.

Yep, you read that right. "If you keep farting, eventually you're going to poop." Incredible. My dad used to tell me that too when I was a kid, but because he thought I was going to make a mess on the couch.

And in case you thought that was some kind of a joke, well, it wasn't. Here's Chung explaining his unusual motivation in an interview on Golf Channel. (Put your ear muffs on if you're offended by this sort of "potty" language!)

As Chung further explains, "So he just refers that to me when if you keep having birdie looks, one of them's going to drop."

Drop or plop? Either way, great stuff. This young man is going places—and not just to bathrooms! OK, we'll stop now.