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Holy Cannoli, Batman

Klay Thompson delivered two of the most gloriously corny postgame quotes in NBA history on Thursday

You remember “ANYTHING IS PAWSABLLLLE!” You remember “CLEVELAND, THIS IS FOR YOU!” They’re right up there on the all-time sports soundbite playlist with “THE BAND IS ON THE FIELD,” “IN YOUR LIFE HAVE YOU SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THAT!,” and “here’s a drive to deep left field by Castellanos.” But the thing about Kevin Garnett and LeBron James’ iconic exclamations that no one wants to say is that they both kind of suck. Garnett’s sounds like he was reading a script off the back of his Adidas paycheck, because ostensibly he was, and James’ sounds like a pale imitation of that. As cringey as they are, however, they can’t hold a candle to “HOLY CANNOLI!”

That was Klay Thompson on Thursday night, going full Adam West Batman after the Warriors’ NBA Finals-clinching Game 6 victory over the Boston Celtics. But wait, it gets even better (and by even better we mean much, much worse).

Holy cannoli? Cloud 109? It’s like Klay body swapped with your dad seconds after clinching the biggest prize in basketball. But where KG and LBJ’s efforts were try-hardy and transparently self-aware, Thompson’s soundbites are corny and pure. They weren’t workshopped in a corporate boardroom. They weren’t custom-built for a billboard. They’re just an excited guy tasting his sport’s highest high months removed from its lowest low. You gotta love it, even if you don’t.