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Kliff Kingsbury calls DK Metcalf a “huge stallion” in uncontested football quote of the year

October 26, 2020

Christian Petersen

Last week, with uncertainty surrounding Tampa Bay vs. Las Vegas in Sunday night’s primetime football slot, the NFL made a wise move. To ensure they had a game ready to hit national television sets at approximately 8:25 p.m. ET on the night of October 25th, they flexed the Seattle Seahawks vs. the Arizona Cardinals into the limelight. The move paid off BIG time.

The superstar no one is talking about, Kyler Murray, led his team back from 10 points down with under three minutes to force overtime, eventually stealing the game 37-34 despite not leading for a single second of regulation. The game was full of uber-talented absurdity. There was a Russell Wilson dime that deserves to be minted by the US Treasury. There was Kyler Murray smiling mid-drop back when he saw DeAndre Hopkins covered on-on-one. There was DK Metcalf hunting down Budda Baker on a sure pick-six, hitting 22.64 mph and covering 114.8 yards in what was perhaps the single most athletic hustle play in NFL history.

Even Budda had to give credit where credit was due, later tweeting “DK HAWKED MY ASS . . . #RESPECT”. But when asked about that play after the game, it was Cardinals’ coach Kliff Kingsbury who delivered the quote of the night (and possibly the year.) Take it away, Air Raid.

You can’t hit the nail more squarely on the head. In fact, if the NFL ever does an XFL jersey weekend where players get to wear nicknames on their backs, we fully expect to see “huge stallion” emblazoned across Metcalf’s shoulder pads. It’s just that fitting. We all remember that pre-Combine photo, right? Hello? Anyone?

Of course, it’s easy to be gracious after you just got away with highway robbery. Kliff and co. could be singing a very different tune after round two on November 19th. Mark your calendars for that one now. Something tells us it could be good.