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The Arizona Cardinals tried to burn Stephen A. Smith on Twitter. It did not end well

January 10, 2019

Cindy Ord

Look, it's easy—sometimes salutary—to rip Stephen A. Smith, because a shot at Smith doubles as a shot at what sports discourse has become. But even Smith's detractors, of which there are many, have to give the man credit: dude works his ass off. He does a daily, extremely-popular three-hour television program, heads to his own radio show, makes multiple appearances on other ESPN platforms throughout the afternoon and early night, occasionally handles pre-game NBA coverage, handles a podcast and pumps out columns. Cat straight-up grinds.

And yes, his blunder last month during a Chiefs-Chargers preview was an egg-on-face masterclass. However, everyone, no matter the occupation, has made a biblical mess-up. They just happened in relatively anonymity, not in front of millions of schadenfreude-thirsty viewers.

So when the Arizona Cardinals tried to do a Twitter drive-by on Smith, the omnipresent media personality responded in kind.

The set-up: the Cardinals, arguably in the top 10 of feeble franchises over the past 30 years in sports, tried to roast Smith for criticizing their hiring of Casanova Kliff Kingsbury.

LOLZ, am I right? Only Smith did his best Hulking-up impression and unleashed hell.

Granted, the Cardinals' diss got a bigger reach. But good grief. Someone call the Phoenix trauma unit. Those are some serious first-degree burns.

Unfortunately, the (likely) 24-year-old intern working the Cards' account forgot that, if you come at the king, best not miss.