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This incredible cricket save is the “web” gem of the winter . . . even if you have no idea what's going on

January 07, 2021

I’m going to level with you: I know jack about cricket. Soccer? Hell yeah. Rugby? Enough to hack it. But cricket is as foreign to me as blood sausage and driving on the left side of the road. Yet, despite my avowed ignorance, I know a jaw-dropping, scroll-stopping web gem when I see one, and that is exactly what Brisbane Heat star Max Bryant delivered in the wee hours Thursday morning (minus the “web” of course.) Put aside everything you think you know and everything you don’t and just go with it.

That, in Aussie cricket parlance, is a screamer if we’ve ever seen one. Imagine your centerfielder of choice climbing the wall to snag a sure home run while you spit your Bud Light all over the poor guy in front of you, and you have the rough equivalent of what Bryant pulled off here, robbing the opposing batsmen of a certain six (see, I’m learning.) And if that still doesn’t translate for you, just listen to the announcers screaming their bloody heads off. That should do the trick.

Bryant’s bonkers save was only the beginning of the fielding histrionics, however, with the Brisbane Heat also turning these absurd plays on their way to a hard-fought win over the Sydney Thunder.

That last one was eventually ruled “not out” because the fielder’s foot was over the boundary while still in contact with the ball (or something), but even so, the official KFC Big Bash Cricket League Twitter account called the performance perhaps “the best fielding game we’ve ever seen.” We may now know what we’re talking about, but they sure do.