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The only thing better than this Aussie cricket catch is the indecipherable post-match interview

January 22, 2018

We here at The Loop aren't exactly what you'd call cricket experts, but we know a damn good highlight when we see one. Enter Australia's Big Bash League—the coolest sports league name on earth fwiw—and Adelaide Strikers Ben Laughlin and Jake Weatherald, who turned in an absolutely doozy (cracker?) this weekend.

As good as this catch is, though, it pales in comparison to what came next: Quite possibly the greatest, most proudly Aussie Aussie Aussie post-match interview in the long, colorful history of post-match interviews. Technically this is the same language we speak here in the States, but in practice, it's a mad lib. Coursing with adrenaline from his incredible catch, Laughlin gets things started with a staccato machine-gun-fire response, rattling off a starter-kit of glorious regional gems like...

  • "Benny went and took the catch..."

  • "I couldn't believe I was in the game..."

  • "I just thought I was cruisng around ready to get around him..."

  • "I chucked a bit of mayo on in the end with a little bit of a dive to make the crowd get up and about..."

Not to be entirely outdone by his teammate—who was credited with the catch despite mostly just frosting mayoing the cake—Laughlin then ripped off a few "specials" of his own, including this lovely, if entirely indecipherable, description of the play...

  • "I didn't realize I was actually that close, then panic stations, then just hoped Jakey wasn't drifting at cover and throw it towards him..."

So yeah. "Mayo", "panic stations", "Jakey", "at cover", "that's not knife, this is a knife." Needless to say, if you can't piece this one together from the transcript, do yourself a favor and check out the footage. Whatever you do, however, make sure to hang around for the real highlight of the night.

H/T For The Win.

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