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Kevin Durant meets random dad in elevator, then shows up to guy's hotel room with pizzas in tow

We, like the rest of the internet, are guilty of ragging on Kevin Durant quite often, usually with good reason (though if he comes to the Knicks, I take back everything I said). Whether he's spitting up perfectly good Bud Lattes or trolling his former team from his own Twitter account thinking it was his snake-y burner account, the guy often leaves everybody no choice but to drag him.

But this move, this is one we can only praise. On Tuesday night, Durant's Golden State Warriors were in Minneapolis to take on the Minnesota Timberwolves at the Target Center. After a road loss on Monday to the San Antonio Spurs, the Warriors bounced back with a 10-point win over the T-Wolves. Durant, who had a relatively tame night by his standards with 17 points and nine assists, was still in high spirits back at the team hotel after the win. Such high spirits, in fact, that after meeting a random dad on the elevator, Durant later showed up at said random's dad hotel room with a couple of pizzas in tow. Needless to say, the dad and his two sons were thrilled:

What a great guy is right. Next time we think about criticizing Durant for something, we'll try to remember this moment. Really cool move, and the kids got a picture afterwards as well:

Durant trying to build up some good pub before he bolts for New York and becomes a villain? Kidding, kidding (sort of).