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Watch Kevin Durant struggle with celebratory beers in more ways than one

On Monday night at Oracle Arena, Kevin Durant finally reached the pinnacle of the sport every NBA star strives for. The 28-year-old won the NBA Finals and was named the series MVP thanks to averaging 35.2 points, 8.4 rebounds, 5.4 assists, and 1.6 blocks. Naturally, after delivering on the postseason performance fans have waited for his entire 10-year career, a celebration was in order.

Since this is 2017, cameras were on hand to capture every angle of the locker room party. We've been provided with some top notch sports-celebration material the last few years, from Madison Bumgarner downing six Budweisers at once after the 2014 NLDS, to Corey Crawford dropping two F-bombs at the Stanley Cup victory parade to, umm... whatever it is Chris Bosh was doing with this champagne bottle after the 2012 NBA Finals.

Judging by the way Durant's celebration went down, he isn't beating MadBum in a beer-drinking contest, he probably wasn't buzzed enough to drop any F-bombs, and I don't think he likes beer enough to pour it on his face Bosh-style. Let's take a closer look courtesy of Twitter user @MarcusD2 .

First, the "get this peasant light beer out of my face" move. Pretty effective, and looks damn cool.

Part two is where it gets considerably less cool. Durant cracks another, since he just tossed the first can across the locker room. This is where it becomes clear that he is definitely not a fan of the golden lager.

Finally, a chance for Durant to redeem himself. The Stone Cold Steve Austin smash, it never fails!

In this case, it absolutely failed. Listen Kevin, there's no shame in celebrating with a drink of your choice. No one wants to force down an alcoholic beverage they hate. Luckily for Durant, he'll have many more chances in the future for a proper celebration. It doesn't look like the Warriors are going anywhere but the Finals any time soon.