Bolts fam ...

Keenan Allen is the latest dude to hilariously troll Russell Wilson’s “Let’s Ride!"

August 02, 2022

Believe it or not, football returns this week. Thursday to be exact, when the Jacksonville Jaguars face off against the Oakland Raiders in the annual Hall of a Fame Game, AKA the watch-the opening-drive-and-then-switch-over-to-Better-Call-Saul game. Across the league, things are getting real. The positional battles are underway, the schemes are being schemed, and the rivalries that will define the season nurtured with care. But don’t take our word for it. Just ask Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen, who spent his Monday trolling Russell Wilson and the Broncos right back to the barn. LET’S RIDE!

The now-infamous clip of Russell Wilson reciting “Broncos country, LET’S RIDE!” for Broncos social media has become the football catchphrase of the summer, and clearly Allen helped himself to a viewing or thirty, nailing Wilson’s delivery in all its cringey glory. Could this be the spark that reignites the classic Bolts-Broncs rivalry, which has been overshadowed by the emergence of the Chiefs’ Death Star of late? We can only hope. The AFC West is widely expected to be the best division in football this year, and a healthy dose of blue vs. orange hate might help to push it over the top, off the edge, and down into chaos-town.

That said, we don’t think Russell Wilson will be too shook up by this. The dude is as nice as they come—disturbingly nice, in fact—and we’re sure he’s laughing just as hard at Allen’s imitation as we are. After all, if he can survive “Mr. Unlimiteddddd” and come out the other side with his head held high, then there's nothing he can't endure.