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Russell Wilson inadvertently started a hilarious trend with his 'let's riiideee' video and he's taking it in stride

No one would ever describe Russell Wilson as a trendsetter, unless the trend was being incredibly corny on social media. That social-media corniness has inadvertently started a hilarious trend, however, and Wilson is brilliantly taking it in stride.

As you may recall, Wilson caught a ton of flak for his mega-cringey "Let's riiiiiide" pump-up video, which his new team, the Denver Broncos, were dumb enough to throw up on the main Twitter account. Then again, with over 4 million views and counting, plus endless engagement, it's actual a social-media chess move:

Everything Wilson does on social media gets widely panned, sometimes deservedly so (see: "Mr. Unlimitttteedddddd" video). But the jokes seemed a bit unfair in this case because what Wilson is doing here is for the jumbotron at Mile High, where 75,000 people would theoretically be screaming and "getting loud" on 3rd-and-10 when they play these clips. But still, it was Wilson being awkward, and Wilson's awkwardness is funny. 

That awkwardness has birthed an A+ trend, with college quarterbacks across the nation all impersonating Wilson by saying "let's ride" in a variety of different ways in front of a green screen. First up, West Virginia's JT Daniels:

Next -- South Carolina QB Spencer Rattler, formerly of the Oklahoma Sooners:

Even the damn FAU Owls got into the mix, putting their own spin on it:

In a brilliant move, DangeRuss is taking these in stride, opting to embrace the joke rather than be the butt of it. Madden awareness rating: 99.

Atta boy Russ. Lean all the way in. LESSSSS RIIIIIIDEE.