Well Played

Keegan Bradley kinda stole the Travelers Championship trophy, doesn't feel bad in the slightest

June 28, 2023

Keegan Bradley achieved a childhood dream by winning the Travelers Championship on Sunday, but by Tuesday he was already in Detroit for the next tournament. Such is life on the PGA Tour.

But that doesn't mean the Vermont native didn't savor the victory at the event he's attended since he was 10—by savoring some Sam Adams (of course) from the silver trophy.

But while Bradley was given the OK to keep the trophy overnight to celebrate, apparently he wasn't supposed to travel with it. But Bradley wasn't about to let go of that bad boy, and after landing in Detroit with it, he tapped into his New England roots to deliver a 'message' to the tournament. Let's just say he doesn't feel bad about it. In the slightest.

"Apparently, I wasn't supposed to 'take' the trophy on Sunday," Bradley says in the clip. "This is the one they display, it's the fancy one. I got a message for Travelers." Have a listen to the message:

As you can see, Keegan, wearing a Red Sox cap, actually let Ben Affleck deliver the message (threat?). Or rather, Ben Affleck's character from "The Town" deliver the message. This, after sharing a victory message from the Dropkick Murphys on Monday. You can NOT get more Boston than this. Sorry, BAHston.

Anyway, Keegan's kids were allowed to take their mini trophies, but Bradley was supposed to wait on his replica and return the original to be engraved. Whoops. We're guessing no one at the Travelers is going to travel to Detroit to retrieve it, though, because it appears Bradley isn't letting go of it anytime soon. In other words, let the Sammy A (continue to) flow!