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Kawhi Leonard kicking a bottle of Gatorade out of his press conference is the highlight of All-Star weekend

February 18, 2020
69th NBA All-Star Game

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Forget Buddy Hield clinching it on his final shot in the Three-Point Contest. Forget Aaron Gordon and Derrick Jones Jr. putting on slam-off for the ages. Hell, you can even forget about Twitter after Chaka Khan's not-so-rousing rendition of the national anthem. The best moment of NBA All-Star weekend didn't arrive until NBA All-Star weekend had all but gone, when Kawhi Leonard took to the podium to celebrate his coveted (jk, jk, jk) All-Star Game MVP and, with one flick of The Claw, plunged all of Gatorade Corp. into Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

This one goes out to all the workers of America, urged by shadowy HR goons to be a "team player." This goes out to all the put-upons who can't squeeze "company man" onto their size-nine font resumes. Sure, Gatorade is a corporate sponsor of the NBA, but Kawhi don't care. He's the reigning All-Star MVP. If he wants a Powerade face tattoo, he'll damn well get a Powerade face tattoo. And if none of that resonates with you as you read this from behind the exotic Koa desk in your executive-level corner office, then perhaps Kawhi mumbling "Not sponsored by Gatorade" as much to himself as anyone else as he removes the bottle from view is just the sort of weirdo Kawhi content you're looking for.

Now we all wait with bated breath to see what Nick Saban will do with that infamous Coke bottle come spring ball. Will he follow Kawhi's lead and cast it into the fiery hell portal that surely exists within his office? Is revolution finally upon us? Only time, and Pepsi co., will tell.