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Kansas City news copter outs people playing Mario Kart on Kauffman Stadium scoreboard

January 09, 2019
Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 10.20.37 AM.png

With another month until pitchers and catchers report and two-and-a-half until Opening Day, things are still pretty sleepy around the ol' MLB park corral. Dust is kicking up and Tumbleweeds are tumbling by. Somewhere an open screendoor bangs with no answer. While gathering aerial shots of Arrowhead Stadium for this weekend's upcoming divisional matchup between the Chiefs and Colts, however, a KCTV news copter captured a little more action that they anticipated: A heated game of Mario Kart being played on Kauffman Stadium's giant LED scoreboard.

Although it was first rumored that several Royals employees who had just gotten kicked out of their moms' basements had gone rogue, the Royals quickly cleared up matters—clarifying that it was not only a sanctioned event, but one of several to come. Thanks KC, now we're drooling about how good Red Dead Redemption 2 would look on that big screen...

With the Royals coming off an abysmal 104-loss season in 2017/18 and reportedly looking to cut $35 million dollars of payroll this offseason, this could be the most entertaining thing Royals fans see in Kauffman Stadium for quite some time...even if Crash Team Racing was always the superior Cart racer (don't @ me, Nintendo Stans).