Seattle Mariners go back to the future with 'Turn Ahead the Clock Night'

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The year was 1999. "...Baby One More Time" was ruling the airwaves, certain millennium apocalypse was barreling down on us like the cruise ship from Speed 2, and the Mariners were in the midst of the single most ridiculous MLB promotion night in the history of ridiculous MLB promotion nights: Turn Ahead the Clock Night, in which Ken Griffey Jr. and co. unleashed a bold vision of baseball in 2027, featuring a DeLorean, a first pitch-throwing robot, and, of course, sleeveless nylon jerseys:

Now, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of a night designed to celebrate a 50th anniversary 28 years in the future, the Mariners are reviving 'Turn Ahead the Clock Night' for another evening of retro-futuristic fun, including, most notably, the throw-forward throwbacks to end them all:

'Turn Ahead the Clock Night' redux goes down June 30th (20 years to the day after the original, for those of you keeping score at home), when the Mariners host the Kansas City Royals, just as they did back in '99. No word yet on whether or not the Royals will be rolling out these Grey Poupon stinkers for the occasion, though:

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