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Justin Tucker calls himself a “system kicker” in greatest (only?) postgame kicker interview in NFL history

October 10, 2022

On Sunday night, we witnessed history. It wasn’t the Ravens snapping their five-game home losing skid. Nor was it Joe Burrow throwing for under 250 yards against the league’s worst secondary. It was the sight of a national TV mic shoved in the face of a kicker following a big primetime win. A KICKER! But not just any kicker. Justin Tucker, the legendary leg man who clinched the Ravens dubya with his 61st consecutive field goal in the 4th quarter or overtime on Sunday. Check out the historic moment below.

We’re pretty sure they didn’t even interview Vinatieri after he knuckled one through the driving Foxborough snow to beat the Raiders and jumpstart the Patriots dynasty back in the day. But it’s a brave new pro-kicker world, and Tucker is now the face of it, booting soundbite after soundbite through the uprights.

“It’s really important to me and to us,” he told reporters, “to take those 1.3 seconds between the snap, the hold, and the kick to focus on the nuts and bolts of what’s gonna make the kick.”

“What matters,” he continues, “is seeing the ball snapped with 12 o’clock laces from Nick Moore, seeing the ball spotted cleanly from Jordan Stout—his first career game-winning hold. Then from there I’m just a system kicker. The ball kicks itself at that point.”

1.3-SECONDS! FIRST CAREER GAME-WINNING HOLD! SYSTEM KICKER! What hot new kicking jargon will he come up with next? xK/60? “Mobile” kickers? Is foot-size the new handsize? Only Tucker can say, but we do know this:

We need more of this guy and we need it now.