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Getting a tattoo of Justin Tucker’s 66-yard field goal is only crazy if you don’t already have a tattoo of the Ravens’ SNF win from Week 2

September 28, 2021

As weird as this might be to say, the moment of the NFL weekend belonged to a kicker. Baltimore Ravens leg man, Justin Tucker to be exact. Trailing the Lions 17-16 with three ticks remaining, Tucker lined one up from just a shade over the 50-yard-line and doinked an NFL-record 66-yarder off the crossbar and in as time expired. Tucker and the Ravens went nuts. The Lions licked their wounds. History was made. It was the kind NFL moment that makes you forget all about the egregious delay-of-game non-call that made it possible, and it is now immortalized forever on this man's thigh.

Shockingly, this is not even close to the worst football tattoo ever inked (Dolphins’ receiver Lynn Bowden Jr. might lay claim to that), buttttt it’s up there. You could spend a little extra dough and get a portrait of Tucker himself. You could get the ball right as it make its fateful carom off the crossbar. You could do any number of things that might just about qualify as art, but instead this guy went with field goal posts he doodled on a napkin and “Tucker 66 Yards” in Arial Bold.

This, of course, is only crazy to those of us who don’t already have a thigh tattoo commemorating the Fightin’ Edgar Allen Poes big win over the 1-2 Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday Night Football two weeks ago. If you already have one of those inked forever into your flesh, like this man does, then this is no big deal, par for the course, another drop in the ocean.

All of which leads us to this Sunday, when the Ravens head to Mile High for a YUGE 4:25 tilt with the 3-0 Denver Broncos. If the Ravens pull that one out, this hero might have to start shaving his other leg.