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Justin Thomas tracked how many miles he traveled this year, and it will make your head spin

August 23, 2023

Justin Thomas has traditionally made a personal list of goals ahead of each PGA Tour season and tracked the results, but this year he decided to track something else as well. And the results are pretty crazy.

On Tuesday, Thomas shared how many miles he's traveled in 2023 just for golf. Not surprisingly, it's a lot. Sorry, make that a LOT. Check it out:


Being a PGA Tour player is an easy way to rack up frequent flyer miles, huh?

Of course, as evidenced by that above photo above from Netflix's "Full Swing," much (most?) of those miles come from flying private. So it's not like he was flying all those miles in cargo space like Gary Player likes to claim. Or that he flew as much as Gary used to in general coming from South Africa. Still, that's a lot of time on planes, trains, and automobiles (some of those are short trips). Not to mention a lot of time just packing and getting to the airport.

That total of more than 40,000 miles is nearly twice the Earth's circumference. But it would be even more if the PGA Tour didn't have a somewhat logical schedule that allowed JT several short trips on the West Coast Swing and Florida Swing. Or if he played in more than 20 events. The LPGA's schedule is much tougher, spanning 84,000(!) miles over 34 events.

Anyway, we appreciate JT sharing these insights, although, we wonder if he'll share how he did with his goals during this tough season that ended before the FedEx Cup Playoffs. But it can get a lot better with a captain's pick to play in next month's Ryder Cup. And if so, JT would happily tack another 10,000 miles onto his travel talley.