Recovery Mode

Justin Thomas' Whoop data confirms that he slept off a MEAN Ryder Cup hangover

September 28, 2021

The best part about the post-Ryder Cup victory content, other than the fact it's just plain hilarious, is that it's relatable. Getting to see these players let loose from time to time like we all do is extremely rare, which makes videos like the one of Xander Schauffele puffing a cigar, winking and smiling like the Grinch that much better.

But the truly relatable content—the next-day hangover—is something we never get to see after the celebration. How do these players deal with a throbbing, alcohol-induced headace? Sleep it off or sweat it out? Do they get the Sunday scaries like we do? What's their hungover Taco Bell order? 

Justin Thomas, the American team's clear emotional leader, did not key us in on any fast food orders, but he did confirm that he's 100 percent a sleep-it-off guy. On his Instagram story on Monday and Tuesday, Thomas posted his WHOOP data, which revealed he slept well over 10 hours. That's how you bounce back folks:


If that press conference from Sunday night was any indication, the boys we're just getting the party going, and it likely went deep into Monday morning. After a night like that, Thomas needed all the sleep he could possibly get, and he'll likely need another solid 10-11 hours tonight. When you get into your late 20s like Thomas is, the hangovers are worse and they last longer. By our estimation, JT will be feeling normal again by Thursday morning.