Men vs. Wild

Watch Justin Thomas do his best Steve Irwin impression while on safari in Africa with Max Homa

November 06, 2023

A new bromance is blooming on the PGA Tour. The SB2K crew is all grown up and have gone their separate ways, leaving Justin Thomas — one of pro golf’s most colorful social butterflies — looking for a new BFF. It appears he’s found one in Twitter-superstar-turned-actual-superstar Max Homa.

Earlier this year, the pair launched Wine Talk. It was met with mixed reviews but that didn’t damper the duo’s friendship. In fact, this weekend Homa and Thomas took things to the next level, embarking on the ambitious Multi Family Vacation ahead of their scheduled appearance at the Nedbank Challenge in South Africa. From the looks of things, everybody really hit it off.

Far and away the best clip to emerge from the safari sabbatical, however, was Justin Thomas doing his best Steve Irwin impression with Homa on camera duties. Take it away, mates.

Our favorite moment of the video is when Thomas, emerging from behind a tree with binoculars in hand, whispers, “I was just doing a little more discovering. It appears the women ... are about to eat breakfast.” The camera pans over to the pair’s better halves at the jeep, who shout back “what are you doing???” as Homa stifles a giggle like a schoolgirl.

We sympathize with the ladies here. Can you imagine going on safari with these two jokers? It would be like living out a real-life episode of ‘The Jerky Boys' crossed with 'Man vs. Wild.'

Anyway, something tells us this won’t be the last content we see from golf’s new Beavis and Butthead. Who knows, maybe Animal Planet will even pick up the pilot.