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Just when you thought you'd seen the worst answer in Jeopardy! history, a new contender emerges

January 10, 2019

A few weeks ago, we shared with you the true story of Myra, a Jeopardy! contestant who identified former Kid Rock DJ Uncle Kracker as Kid Cudi in what we, at the time, called the worst answer in Jeopardy! history. Why Jeopardy! is asking questions about Uncle Kracker in 2018 is another issue altogether, but it looks like Myra might already have some competition in the show's time-tested Last New Band I Listened to Was Fleetwood Mac category. America, meet Jessica:

Now, if you don't listen to pop (sorry bros, Jay-Z is ostensibly Top 40 now), there's a good chance you wouldn't have come up with The Carters in five seconds either. I know I wouldn't have. But this isn't about what the correct answer was as much as the answer poor Jessica—probably the last person on earth you'd want answering questions about Jay-Z and Beyonce if your life depended on answering questions about Jay-Z and Beyonce—gave:


So is BEY-Z the worst answer in Jeopardy! history? Maybe not, but it is the most creative worst answer—whipping phonics and hip hop naming conventions into a crazy alternate-reality frappe that could just have easily been right if not for the fact it was very, very wrong. Just ask the woman who filmed this, scoring Jessica's 15 minutes of infamy with a chain of disapproving clucks that would send even the most confident souls crawling into the fetal position. She knows.

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