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Bad JuJu

JuJu Smith-Schuster doing the Milk Crate Challenge a week before the start of the season couldn’t be more on brand

August 31, 2021

JuJu Smith-Schuster, like Woody Woodpecker and The Roadrunner before him, is what you might call an instigator. He started NFL life as a likeable, wide-eyed kid who didn’t even have his driver’s license, but quickly morphed into a logo-dancing, TikTok trash-talking distraction. This offseason he tested the free agent market, but didn’t find too many suitors, eventually returning to the Steelers on a 1-year, $8-million prove-it deal. You would think that would have been the wake-up call Smith-Schuster needed, and he’s kept things mostly low-key since then, but on Monday video emerged of JuJu doing the number-one thing a number-one wide receiver shouldn’t be doing 10 days before the start of a new NFL season:

The Milk Crate Challenge.

New season, same old JuJu. Now to his credit, Smith-Schuster survived the flimsy plastic gauntlet unscathed, but it’s safe to say that Mike Tomlin just put a hole in the moon. We’ve seen backyard hero after backyard hero fold their spines like a pretzel on the precarious milk-crate pyramids in recent weeks, and here’s Smith-Schuster giving it a go less than two weeks from kickoff (against the last season’s AFC runner ups, no less).

This should bring back some familiar, if not welcome, feelings for Steelers fans, who surely remember Ben Roethlisberger bombing around on a crotch rocket with no helmet on. Here’s hoping it doesn’t take the proverbial hood of a metaphorical car to wake Smith-Schuster up, however. Otherwise it’s going to be a longgggg season in the Milk Crate Steel City.