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Steelers rookie Chase Claypool refuses to take the L, is still smack talking the Browns

You'd think that after the embarrassment that was Sunday night, that the Pittsburgh Steelers would just shut up already. After giving the Cleveland Browns endless bulletin board material all of last week, then getting curb stomped, you'd think the Steelers would have learned their lesson. You'd think that they'd go quietly into the offseason and accept defeat, vowing to make sure something like that never happened again. 


Unfortunately, you'd be very wrong. Rather than simply taking the L, Steelers rookie wideout Chase Claypool is still running his mouth. On Monday, Claypool hopped on TikTok live, which is mind-numbingly dumb for a number of reasons, the first being that his teammate JuJu Smith-Schuster (the guy who crapped on the Browns last week) has gotten in enough trouble on TikTok this year, and the second being that the wound of Sunday night's loss is still fresh. Opening yourself up to a live video where people can hurl all sorts of shit your way less than 24 hours removed from being pummeled by a rival can lead to NOTHING but trouble. Alas, Claypool TikTok'd on anyway. Let's see how that went ... 

No, Chase, I'm afraid it's not "all good." After spouting off all last week, YOU got clapped on national television. To still talk smack to the team that did the clapping is the absolute height of stupidity. Didn't this dude go to Notre Dame?? We've heard you have to be smart to get in there. This decision was not very smart. 

Here the big question from all this - what is Mike Tomlin doing? Who is leading this organization? After the Steelers came out of the whole Antonio Brown saga looking good, you now have to wonder if the whole place is just dysfunctional at this point. We are truly living in another dimension if the Browns are run better than the Steelers. Wild time to be alive.