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Juju Smith-Schuster misses two-foot gimme by two feet, gets fitting introduction to golf

Spring is in full swing. The birds are chirping, the fields are in bloom, all that crap. It also means that, just like the gym in January, your local muni is currently flooded by every golf-curious hacker on God's beautiful green earth. There's hammered frat boys and retirees who make Volvo drivers look like Mad Max. There's CEOs, grocery baggers and washed-up weekend warriors all blocking it straight into each other's fairways in the name of Tiger Freakin' Woods. It's a free-for-all out there, and this week Steelers wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuster joined the party, learning the true meaning of R&R by smoking a two-foot gimme two feet by without ever touching the cup. Let us know if you can think of a more fitting introduction to the wonderful world of golf, because we sure can't.

In addition to your optometrist and half of last month's PTA meeting, the Steelers wide receiver joined fellow A-listers like D-Wade and Michael B. Jordan at the epicenter of the post-Masters golf explosion. From the looks of things, it will probably be awhile until we see any of these guys teeing it up at Pebble, but in Smith-Schuster's defense, those greens do look slicker than a banana peel on the deck of the Exxon Valdez.


In addition to the Tiger factor (and the annual endorphin release associated with the final retreat of a Pittsburgh winter), Smith-Schuster was also blowing off some steam after a recent internet beef with sentient internet beef Antonio Brown, who called out his former teammate for, um, looking up to him college? Here's hoping AB doesn't see this footage, though, because lord knows #19 doesn't need another dagger in his back.